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Our Thanks to Our Candidates and Our Volunteers!!!

Sen. Bob Casey
U.S. Senate

Madeleine Dean
U.S. House PA-4

Chrissy Houlahan
U.S. House PA-6

Denny Wolff
U.S. House PA-9

Gov. Wolf
PA Governor

John Fetterman
PA Lt. Governor

Linda Fields
PA Senate, SD-24

Katie Muth
PA Senate, SD-44

Mark Rozzi
PA House, HD-126

Tom Caltagirone
PA House, HD-127

Douglas Metcalfe
PA House, HD-128

Trish Wertz
PA House, HD-129

Tom Applebach
PA House, HD-134

Note from Our Chairman

In the past year we have traveled a long road together. At times the work seemed as though it would never end and it took us to our limits. But remembering the disbelief and despair we all felt two years ago, we pushed forward.
Together we hit the reset button and got back to work and yesterday reaped the rewards of that hard work. We helped to reelect Senator Robert Casey Jr. and Governor Tom Wolf. John Fetterman is the newly elected Lt. Governor and in Congress we have the honor to send three women to Washington to represent Berks. Madeleine Dean 4th, Chrissy Houlahan 6th and Mary Scanlon with a special election victory in the 7th District.
Katie Muth's victory will add to our State Senate caucus and Tom Caltagirone and Mark Rozzi will both be returning to Harrisburg to do the work of the people.
Lastly, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to Linda Fields, Doug Metcalfe, Tricia Wertz, Tom Applebach and Michael Blichar. Even though they fell short of victory, they have made the Democratic party stronger. I am extremely proud of them.
It is now time to relax, enjoy your family and maybe get caught up on the things you put off during campaign the season. Please know that I appreciate your hard work. It is an honor to be your Chairman. Thank you for your efforts and let's do it again next year.
All the best,
Kevin Boughter
Berks County Democratic Committee

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